Jeep Cherokee Sport Baby Stroller Reviews

Jeep Cherokee Sport Baby Stroller Reviews

Jeep Cherokee Sport Baby Stroller Reviews Side
Jeep Cherokee Sport Baby Stroller Reviews Side

Jeep Cherokee Sport Baby Strollers Reviews

The stroller is JPMA certified, meaning it has met or surpassed all U.S. safety ratings tests and regulations. It is also equipped with a large adjustable canopy with a viewing window. This is a nice feature to have because you can always see your child and keep a close watch on them. There is also a parent tray with dual cup holders that is removable (although why you’d want to remove it is beyond me, but then I can always be seen with a large coffee or latte in my hands). There are also canvas bags that come with the stroller, although they were not on when I used it, so I know that they are removable. It is extremely easy to fold with just one hand and is self-standing when folded; this frees you up to hold other items, put your child in the car, or whatever else you need to do at that moment.

Handles, Wheels and Brakes

The handle is not adjustable, although most people should find it suitable; I’m over 6’ while my wife is not much over 5’ and we both found it was comfortable enough. When the stroller is unfolded it stands at about 38 inches. Anyone over 6’1 may start to feel uncomfortable with prolonged use. The front wheels are shock absorbing, making it easy to go over pretty any terrain. There are a total of 6 wheels, 2 sets of double wheels in the front and two in the back. The front wheels swivel but cannot be locked in place. The stroller maneuvers quite easily with one hand, even with a fussy and squiggly toddler in it.  The rear brakes can be set with a light push with your foot – one brake mechanism for each back wheel.


Considering this is a lightweight and compact stroller, it comes with plenty of storage. There is a large basket underneath the baby stroller, and there are also two canvas bags that you can store smaller items like keys, wallet and cell phones.  To attach the cargo bags, simply wrap the Velcro around the frame of the stroller. There is one bag for each side. The parent tray can also hold small items such as keys and a cell phone if you don’t want to use the bags.


The seat is adjustable and reclines almost all the way back; when you have a tired and cranky toddler, having an adjustable seat so they can lie back can make all the difference. There is a 3-point quick release buckle that allows your child to get in and out quickly. The seats are easy to wipe clean, but they do feel a bit ‘slippery’ so you have to make sure your child is buckled in or they may slide down a bit. The fabric is made of polymer. Other than that, though, they are quite comfortable and our daughter didn’t complain (she was almost 2 at the time).  Keep in mind that the seat belt is only a 3-point harness, not a 5-point harness, so there is no shoulder strap. I guess this is because it is meant for older children

Size, Dimensions and Weight

The stroller’s dimensions are 32” x 18” x 39.5” when folded, the stroller’s dimensions are 18″ x 12″ x 34″ (width, depth, height); total weight of the stroller is 12.4 pounds. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, the maximum recommended weight for a child to use this stroller is 50 pounds. They give an approximate age of about 12 – 36 months. It is not that much bigger than an umbrella stroller, but is much sturdier and comes with more features. It’s like having the best of both worlds: a light stroller but all of the storage and features of a bigger one.

When folded, it can easily fit into a mid-sized car like a Grand Prix or even economy-sized car like a Ford Focus


The Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller comes with a limited 12-month warranty. This includes parts and labor, but does not include normal wear and tear, misuse or mishandling.

As I stated a few times already, the stroller is very lightweight; at just over 12 pounds, it is easy to use, even with a 40-pound toddler in it.

The one-handed fold mechanism is one of the best features any manufacturer has come out with. Makes it very easy to fold and pop into your trunk when your other hand is full. Some consumers have said that there is no locking mechanism when folded, and others said that there is; I can only assume that newer models have this while the older ones do not.

There is plenty of storage with the canvas bags, parent tray and basket underneath. You might not be able to fit the kitchen sink in, but a large diaper bag will fit nicely.



Although there is a child tray with a cup holder, it is not big enough to fit the bigger sippy cups or juice boxes.

The seat does not recline all the way back, which could cause some toddlers to protest, especially if they want to sleep.

The seat fabric could be a little thicker, especially in the head area, with more padding on the sides.


The Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller comes with the two canvas bags, which are great for storing small items and are easily removable. They can store keys, wallet, cell phones, wipes and some extra diapers. It also comes with a parent tray consisting of two large cup holders and a small storage area for things like keys and wallet. The parent tray is also removable.

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