Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Baby Stoller Review

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Baby Stoller Review

baby jogger city mini gt double baby stoller review
baby jogger city mini gt double baby stoller review

The  is an all-terrain, pimped out version of the regular City Mini Double – and we love it! In fact, everyone loves it! I visited a local children’s store and asked the stroller specialist to tell me her all-around favorite side-by-side; you know what she said? You guessed it.

* Please start by reading the review for the regular City Mini Double – everything else is the same, except for what’s stated below. No, the stroller hasn’t changed from 2014, so you’re not missing anything new.

Best All Terrain Double Strollers – Baby Jogger City Mni GT
The City Mini GT Double is a compact, nimble side-by-side all-terrain double and serves an important niche for city dwellers who still desire all-terrain capabilities to roll through parks, over brick, cobblestones, old sidewalks, cable car tracks… and whatever else city living throws your way. This stroller is a bit heavier than the regular version at 32.5 lbs (compared to 26.6 lbs), but not unmanageably heavy. The width is the same, roughly 30” wide. At this width, you’ll be able to get through doorways pretty easily.

The GT version has many bells and whistles not found on the regular City Mini: the all-terrain tires, an adjustable handlebar, extra padded seats that are easy to remove and throw into the wash, and a convenient hand brake on the side. The seats themselves are also taller, which will give you longer use as your kids grow older.
We *heart* Baby Jogger Canopies
The wheels are 8.5” forever air, foam filled tires, which never need to be pumped yet still feel and ride like air-filled tires. This is a major upgrade from the regular City Mini. Believe me, not having to pump your stroller tires every month is HUGE. It’s always such an annoyance.

While still not made for jogging (despite the brand name; it’s confusing, I agree), this is a great stroller to take power walking with your girlfriends through the neighborhood.


This is my fully independent and objective Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller review.

The GT is basically the all-terrain version of the Baby Jogger City Mini series of strollers. It comes with 8.5 inch forever-air quick-release wheels that makes it much easier to negotiate uneven terrain than a stroller with standard hard rubber tires. In case you are wondering, these forever-air wheels mean that the tires are filled with foam and so won’t puncture like regular tires.

When my twin boys were born, we chose the non-GT version of the City Mini Double since we live in a very urban area and didn’t plan on doing much in the way of off-road exploring.

However, there were some occasions when it would have been nice to have had the extra benefits of the all-terrain wheels. We live quite near the coast and our boys were born in the summer. We live quite near to the coastline of the North East of England and, whilst the weather is usually a little cold and wet, it would have been nice to have been able to push them along the beach in the GT version rather than having to park at the edge of the sand in the non-GT version.

This stroller is also very easy to manoeuvre. The baby jogger company boasts that it can turn on a dime and they are absolutely right. This the perfect stroller for getting in and out of tight spots and can be turned/spun around with one hand!

I should point out that, while this is a great all-terrain stroller, it is NOT suitable for parental jogging. Having said that, there is no reason why you can’t use it for a post-natal buggy-fit class. If my wife can manage to keep up with the other class participants using the non-GT version on grass, this sort of activity ought to be an absolute breeze with the GT’s enhanced wheels and suspension.

Baby Jogger have improved the accessibility of the basket underneath the buggy. It is still not the best, but perfectly adequate nonetheless. You can also buy clips to hang your shopping bags that work much better than any basket on any stroller. Ours was called a “Mamma Clip” and it was great.

At 75 cm / 29.5 inches wide, this stroller is one of the narrowest on the market and should fit through any standard sized doorway. This was certainly one of the main reasons that my wife and I bought the non-GT version of this stroller since we had a very narrow victorian front door that many double strollers simply wouldn’t fit through.

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT’s Other Great Features

Adjustable Handle

The non-GT version of the Baby Jogger City Mini series has a fixed height handle (107 cm / 42.1 inches off the ground). I have to say that this didn’t cause my wife and I any problems since we are both fairly average in height, but I can imagine that this might be a problem for those parents that are very short or very tall. It is certainly one of the most few complaints that you hear about the non-GT version.

The GT version, however, comes with an adjustable handle to suit parents of all shapes and sizes. It adjusts between 76 cm and 110.5 cm / 29.9 inches and 43.5 inches.

You simply press the buttons at the side of the handle (see image) and move the handle up or down to the perfect height for you.

Easy Recline Mechanism

The recline mechanism is very easy to use.

In order to recline, you simply squeeze the clip with one hand to release the strap and ease the seat back down.

To make the seat more upright requires 2 hands but is just as simple – you just squeeze the clip with one hand and push it up whilst holding onto the strap with the other hand.


The canopies on this stroller are great. They are absolutely huge and fold down easily in 3 separate panels. They also come with UV50+ sun protection, but have 2 peek-a-boo windows in each canopy so that you can keep any eye on your babies when you want to.

Hand Brake

Unlike the non-GT version, this stroller comes with a hand brake instead of a foot brake. Again, for most people this probably won’t be much of an issue, but for those parents that have difficulty operating a foot brake this will be a welcome addition. It would certainly make it easier to secure the stroller in a parked state if you were wearing certain types of footwear.

To operate the brake, you just pull up the lever at the side of the handlebar. obviously, you just release it back down when you are ready to go again. Since the brake is positioned on the handlebar, you can actually operate it from the side and from in front of the stroller, rather than needing to be behind it.

Large Mesh Window

There is a large mesh window at the rear of the upper part of the seat that can be revealed or covered up depending upon the weather. This helps to keep your child cool and comfortable during the hot summer months – if you are lucky enough to live in such a nice climate!

5-Point Harness

The 5-point harness on this stroller (and the non-GT version) is very easy to use and adjust. Rather than have to rethread the whole harness as your child grows, you simply unclip the top of the harness from the current section and clip it back onto the next one up.

More Spacious Seats

One of the best features of the GT as against the non-GT stroller is that the seats are larger both in terms of shoulder room and leg room. It is about 1 inch larger in both respects.

Easy Folding Mechanism

The Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller must be regarded as one of the easiest to fold down and up. It is hard to describe in words just how easy it is to do it, but I will try.

To fold down, you simply grab hold of the straps on the seats and pull upwards – the stroller then collapses into a very compact and flat unit that can easily fit into the rear of most vehicles.


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